Major Historical Events

1947- US Government created a secret program that classified and concealed all reported incidents of Supers. The agency had no known name but was referenced only by its members who wore black suits and black sun glasses.

2001- In response to the attacks of September 11th the US Government acknowledges the existence of Supers and admits to using them to protect the United States and it’s interests.

2004- In response to growing public fears the US Government passes the Superhuman Registration Act, requiring all Supers to publically identify themselves and register with the government.

2006- Reports of hate crimes against Supers increase dramatically causing most to go into hiding. Also some Supers are reported missing months after registering, sparking rumors that the government was detaining or even exterminating superhumans who were deemed to powerful.

2008- “Community Tribunal” began to form in cities and towns across the country where known Supers are put on trial in front of a jury of their peers. Charged with crimes against humanity many Supers are convicted and sentenced to death. Thus leading some to dub theses trials as modern day Salem Witch Trials.

2013- A massive coordinated attack destroys Houston, Chicago, Los Angles and New York City. Reports indicate that a large metallic cylinder landed in the middle of these cities and released a toxin that killed everyone in a 5 mile radius except for Supers.

Concurrent with these attacks Washington DC was attacked and nearly half of the Senate and House of Representatives were executed.

The President escaped only to be seen on television later telling all citizens to surrender to a figure only known as “The Cloak” who claims to be taking over the United States in the name of Super humans every where.

Once control of the government was handed over to The Cloak and the Super Human forces it was decreed that the US Government would remain intact as well as the constitution. The US would still have a representative government that would make and enforce laws. The only thing that would change is that the Cloak abolished the Bill of Rights and the 14th amendment. Justifying the action as a necessary precaution in order to maintain peace and proper security. Safety is worth sacrifice.

2014- The rebellion begins. Ordinary citizens and a few Supers join forces to stop the Cloak and the conquering Super Humans. Civil War breaks out.

2018- The rebellion is all but crushed and has been rumored to have fallen back and set up operations in Alaska save for a pocket of resistance here and there.

The Cloak divided up the United States into 4 separate districts ruled over by a Lieutenant referred to as an Exalted. Over the Western District resides Exalted Crow, the Southern District Exalted Raven, the Central District Exalteds Robin and Sparrow, and the Eastern District Buzzard.

The Cloak created a supreme seat of power within Washington DC.

Major Historical Events

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